• Access

    FilmFunder guides you through every step of the process. Even if you haven't invested before, we'll take care of the details for you, from legal to reporting.

  • Analyze

    FilmFunder provides all professionals with high quality motion picture data to back up any creative presentation a producer may have.

  • Quality

    In order to ensure that each listed project meets a set of objective criteria, each project is reviewed and vetted by two FilmFunder "Ambassadors."

  • Jobs

    FilmFunder started a new platform to unite creative minds with investors in the entertainment industry that will create and sustain good jobs.

  • Motion Picture Investment

    Finally, a platform that allows for motion picture investments with an interface as simple as purchasing a stock. Now you can take your motion picture portfolio with you on the go.

  • Intensive Screening Process

    Every project is subjected to an extensive screening process by seasoned production professionals to ensure all of the data provided is accurate and up to industry standards.

  • Service At It's Best

    Unlike other Internet investment providers, FilmFunder is built around service to our clients. You can always contact us and know you are speaking to a real person with knowlege of investments.

  • Crowdfunding Knowledge

    At FilmFunder, we want our investor base to be knowledgeable about crowd-vesting in general and about the specifics of motion picture investments. We have a signifigant knowledge center available 24/7.

How Does FilmFunder Work?

The FilmFunder platform was built by seasoned motion picture producers to streamline the process of communicating and transacting with investors.

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